Articles in International Scientific Journals 

Filstad, C., Karp, T. and Glomseth, R. (2017). How police leaders learn to lead. Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice. For review.

Karp, T., Filstad, C. and Glomseth, R. (2017). 27 Days of Managerial Work in the Police Service: “Being foremost among equals”. Police Practice and Research: An International Journal. For review.

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Articles in National Scientific Journals

Filstad, C. (2011). Innovasjoner som organisasjonslæring. Magma. In press

Filstad, C. (2010). Suksesskriterier for etablering av en sterk læringskultur Magma 2/2010

Filstad, C. (2008). Nye perspektiver på læring og kunnskapsutvikling. Magma 1/2008

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Filstad Jakobsen,C. (2004). Rollemodeller i organisasjoner Magma 1/2004


Filstad, C. (2017). Nyansatte i organisasjoner – læringsstrategier og perspektiver”, Fagbokforlaget

Filstad, C. (2016). “Organisasjonslæring: fra kunnskap til kompetanse”, 2.ed. Fagbokforlaget

Filstad, C. (2012) ”Organisationslärande: Från kunnskap til kompetens” Studentlitteratur AB, Lund, Sverige.

Filstad, C. (2010) “Organisasjonslæring – fra kunnskap til kompetanse” Fagbokforlaget

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Blåka,G. & Filstad,C. (2007) “Læring i helseorganisasjoner”. Cappelen Akademisk Forlag

Filstad Jakobsen, C. (2003)    “Nyansatte i organisasjoner – perspektiver på læring og organisasjonssosialisering” Abstrakt forlag

Filstad,C., Hildebrandt, S. & Rishøj,S. (2005) ”Familien på arbeid” Abstrakt forlag

Book Chapters

Filstad, C. (2017). Ledelse for kompetanse og kompetent ledelse. In Heier, T. (red) Kompetanseforvaltning i Forsvaret. Fagbokforlaget. (p. 31-51)

Filstad, C. (2017). Ledelse for kompetanse og en sterk læringskultur. In Paulsen, J.M. (red). Ledelse for fremtidens skole. Fagbokforlaget. (p.123-141)

Filstad, C. and Gottschalk, P. (2014). Knowledge management in the police force In Örtenblad, A.(red). Handbook of Knowledge Management. Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd.,MA, USA

Filstad, C. and Gottschalk, P. (2014). Knowledge management in law firms. In Örtenblad, A.(red). Handbook of Knowledge Management. Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd., MA, USA

Filstad, C. and Gottschalk, P. (2013). The police force: to be or not to be a learning organization? In Örtenblad, A.(red). Handbook of the Learning Organization. Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd., MA., USA

Filstad, C., Hepsø, V. and Skarholt, K. (2012). Connecting Words Through Self-Synchronization and Boundary Spanning: Crossing Boundaries in Virtual Teams. In Hepsø,V. and Rosendahl, T. (eds). Integrated Operations in the Oil and Gas Industry: Sustainability and Capability Development. IGI Publishing.

Blaaka,G. and Filstad,C. (2010). A Social and Cultural Approach to Newcomers´ Workplace Learning. In Westover, J.H. (eds.). The Next Generation of Knowledge Workers. Common Ground Publishing, Australia

International Conferences

Filstad, C. and Hogvold Olsen, T. (2017). Change readiness and socially constructed manoeuvring space: Dilemmas police leaders encounter as change agents” British Academy of Management, Warwick, UK

Filstad, C., Traavik, L. and Gorli, M. (2017). The Phenomenon of Belonging at Work. OLKC,Valladolid, Spain

Filstad, C. and Traavik, L. (2016). Senses of belonging: Getting underneath notions of identity. OLKC, St.Andrews April 2016

Simenova,B., Bogolyubov, P., Easterby-Smith and Filstad, C. (2016). Power and trust in knowledge sharing: a systemic review. OLKC, St.Andrews April 2016

Filstad, C., Geppert, M. and Visser,M. (2015). Knowledge Sharing in Organizations: Exploring the Role of Power and Politics. OLKC, Milan April 2015

Filstad, C. (2012). The politics of knowledge domains in organizational learning. OLKC, Valencia, April 2012

Filstad, C., Geppert, M. and Visser, M. (2011). ”Power and politics in organizational learning and knowledge – a pragmatist approach. EGOS, Gotenburg, July 2011

Filstad, C. (2011). “Innovation on the crest – the power of changing knowledge domains. OLKC, Hull, UK, April 2011

Filstad, C. (2010). “Banking in the Era of Globalization. Learning and Knowing through Practice as Finance Advisers” EGOS2010 – Lisboa July 2010

Filstad, C. & Hepsø, V. (2009) “Knowing through integrated operations in cross-diciplinary teams – collaboration, coordination & communication offshore and onshore” OLKC2009, 26. – 28. April 2009, Amsterdam, Netherland.

Filstad, C. & McManus, J. (2009). “Knowledge as a question of knowing at work: implications for learning to become professional” RWL6 28th July – July 1st. Roskilde, Denmark.

Filstad, C. (2008)  “Getting access to colleagues in Learning – the Notion of Informal Learning” 5th in International Lifelong Learning Conference. 16. – 19. June 2008. Rockhampton, Australia

Filstad, C. (2008)  “Learning as Participation” OLKC2008. 28. – 29. April 2008. Copenhagen, Denmark.

Filstad, C., Geppert, M. & Visser, M. (2006) Track Convenors: Concepts and practice of organizational learning” EURAM2006.

Blåka, G. & Filstad, C. (2005) ”How Does a Newcomer Construct Identity” OLK62005. Trento, Italy.

Blåka, G., & Filstad, C. (2005) ”A social and cultural Approach to Newcomers Workplace Learning” 12th international conference on learning. Granada, Spain.

Filstad, C., Holholm, T., McHenry, J. & Strønen F. (2005) ”Identity as an organizer of strategy processes” EGOS2005. Berlin, Germany.

Filstad, C. & Olaisen, J. (2004) ”Global thinking and local commitment in Knowledge Management and organizational learning” EURAM2004. St. Andrews, UK.

Filstad, C. & McHenry, J. (2004) ”Knowledge creation in the workplace” E6OS2004. Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Filstad, C. (2003) ”Role models in Organizational Socialization – how newcomers use role models in organizaitonal socialization” NFF2003. Rekjavik, Iceland

Chair International Conferences

Filstad, C., (main chair), Tomassen, A., Nilsen, E. and T.Olsen. Track: Organizational learning: practices, perspectives to ensure change and organizational competences. The NEON conference, Bodø, Norway.

Filstad, C., Vince, R., Orr, K. and Mørk, B-E. Power and Emotions in Knowledge and Organizational Learning. OLKC2016 in St.Andrews, Scotland and OLKC2017 in Valladolid, Spain. To be arranged at OLKC2018, Liverpool, UK

Filstad, C., Geppert, M. and Visser, M. Track: The learning organization. EGOS, Oslo May 2006


Award Outstanding Paper, Journal of Workplace Learning for the article Filstad, C. (2014). The Politics of sensemaking and sensegiving at work. Journal of Workplace Learning, Vol.26, no.1, pp.3-21

Boards and committees

2017-                      Leader of the Board for OLKC – a yearly International Conference

within Organizational Learning and Knowledge Capabilities

2017-2020             National committee for Leadership Education in the Norwegian Police Services.

2016-2016             Committee for the HR-Reward given by HR-Norge, Norway

2013-d.d.               Board member for OLKC – a yearly International Conference within     Organizational Learning and Knowledge Capabilities

2011-2013             National Committee for Digitalization and Leadership in Public                Organizations (Difi) in Norway

2014                      Chair of the Organizing Committee for OLKC in Oslo/BI

2006                      Member of the Organizing Committee for EURAM in Oslo/BI

Research projects

2017-              Research project on the police reform in cooperation with Difi and the       Police University College

2016-               Research project on “leadership in practice” in cooperation with the             University of  Tromsø

2015-               Studies on police leaders and their practice as leaders. Together with Rune Glomseth and Terje Dahl (The Police University College) and professor Tom                         Karp, Christiania University College.

2014-               Studies of belonging and social identity at work. With Laura Traavik at BI and Mara Gorli, University of Milan, Italy

1999-2001       Studies of learning and knowledge sharing in a large real estate agency.       Comparative studies of midwifes in a hospital.

2003-2015       Several research projects in organizations concerning learning and             knowledge   sharing with a special focus on newcomers and their learning                           processes.

2008-2009       Research project on organizational learning and implementation of             Innovations in the Bank Industry

2008               Research project on knowledge sharing in virtual teams in the Oil Industry

2008               Research project on learning and knowledge sharing among paramedics

2009               Research project on organizational learning in the Tax Industry

2015-              Projects in International Network on Leadership Development


Media Publications 

A selection:

Filstad, C. Ledelse læres mens du leder. BI Business Review 2017 

Filstad, C., Glomseth, R., Karp, T. “Er det noe galt med lederkulturen i politiet?” Aftenposten 15.9.17.

Glomseth, Karp, Filstad, Dahl: “Hva gjør egentlig politiledere?” Aftenposten 21.august 2016. file:///Users/cathrinefilstad/Desktop/MEDIA/Aftenposten.%20Hva%20gj%C3%B8r%20egentlig%20politiledere%3F%20-%20.html

Filstad, Karp, Glomseth og Dahl: “Farlige halvsannheter i politiet”. Dagbladet 28.desember2016 file:///Users/cathrinefilstad/Desktop/MEDIA/Farlige%20halvsannheter%20som%20fasit%20i%20politiet%20-%20Dagbladet.html

Filstad: “Mangler kunnskap om kompetanse”. Dagens Næringsliv 21.desember 2016

“Politiledelse – noe for seg selv?”, with Jan Ketil Arnulf Dagens Næringsliv 4.1.2016.

Filstad: “Snu lederspeilet”. BI Business Review 2015.

“Tillit til å dele kunnskap”. BI Leadership Magazine 2014-2015.

“Gi mellomlederne makt!”. Ledernytt 2014

“Like barn leker best”. Gjestekommentar Kapital 6/2014.

“Hvordan lykkes med kunnskapsdeling”. Ukeavisen Ledelse 36/26.9./2014

“Mellomledere som endringsagenter”. BI Leadership Magazine 2013-2014

“Fokuserer på kunnskap – forventer kompetanse”. Gjestskribent Personal og Ledelse 8/2013

“Nyansatte trenger gode læringsarenaer”. Personal og ledelse 4-2013

Ni steg fra kunnskap til kompetanse” – BI Leadership Magazine 2012/2013

Hvordan skal vi lære av 22. juli 2011?” – Ukesavisen Ledelse 9. november 2012 

“Sannheten om generasjon X og Y” Ukeavisen Ledelse 12.2./2012

Liv og ledelse” – Ukeavisen Ledelse 17. februar 2012

Taus kunnskap er gull” – Kapital 21/2011

Du lærer så lenge du jobber” – HR og Lønn

Nye perspektiver på læring og kunnskapsutvikling i organisasjoner” – Magma 01/2008

En god karierestart” – Startpakke for Nyansatte – www.

Tvilende til kursutbytte” Dagens Næringsliv 2010

“Lærer ikke på jobbkurs”. Dagens Næringsliv sept.2008

“Forsvarer ferskingene”. Dagens Næringsliv 23.10./2007

Media lectures at BI:

Ledelse for læring – Filstad 2013:

Kompetent ledelse – Filstad 2016:


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